How to change a few things about scratch… sort of.

June 28, 2013

When I make a game, I want it to look professional. Do you? To me, a green flag is not a very professional way to start a game (or ?whatever your project is). A loading bar would be more normal… maybe have a start menu, too. But a green flag? No. Not happenin’.  Yes, scratch is an amazing free tool for learning how to program. You can make complex programs with it too. But not professional ones. Not ones that you might put on a website you made. It just won’t work if you want to make the next Another problem, besides the green flag, is that it uses flash. Yes, you heard that right. Flash. Not HTML5 canvas. (On the up side, at least it’s not java.) I want to make a game with HTML5 canvas that has no stinkin‘ flag. Sound good? Read the rest of this entry »


New Colors!

June 17, 2013

Nothing has really changed about the website. The only difference is that the top heading is orange now, not blue. How do you like it? Give me feedback in the comments.

How To Hand-Code A Website

June 15, 2013

Using tools such as Weebly or WordPress makes website creation easy. The tool will set up your files and upload them to the server for you. What if you want to hand-code a website? How to you turn your HTML file(s) into a real site that anyone can go to? Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 Things To Do After Scratch

June 14, 2013

Scratch is a really great way to learn the basics of coding. But eventually you get to a point where you want to do more. I, myself have found it quite annoying that you can’t get rid of the green flag. It makes your projects seem less professional. Here is a list of my top 5 things to do after scratch:

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Scratch 2.0 (A bit late)

June 14, 2013

As you probably know, scratch has updated to scratch 2.0. They have many new features, and the 2.0 website is being updated weekly. Some of the new features are: cloud variables,  cloning, and scenes. Go check out Scratch 2.0 if you haven’t already!

Try scratch 2.0

I’m Back (I hope)

June 14, 2013

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately (read as: I haven’t posted in about a year). I got really caught up in school and I pretty much forgot about this blog. But now it’s summer and I can go back to blogging! My goal is to make at least one post a week. I actually doubt that will happen, but I’ll try.

Getting Started With Scratch

November 10, 2012

If you haven’t already, I suggest you download scratch. It’s the easiest way to get started with programming.

Open up scratch. Let’s just take a minute to soak it all in. You’ve got these blocks on the side, a blank spot (with stripes) in the middle, some control stuff above that, a random orange, white, and black cat in a white box, under that there is a little picture of the cat and a picture of the white box, and towards the top you have a green flag and a red stop sign. Can’t be that bad, right? 😛 Read the rest of this entry »

Is programming for me?

November 5, 2012

As much as I am going to give a lot of hype about programming, it isn’t for everyone. This post will help you understand if programming is for you. So, let’s get started.

1. Do you like math?

You don’t have to be a math fanatic, but you shouldn’t hate math, either. A lot of programming is math.

2. Do you like thinking through things?

Do you like puzzles and brain teasers? Do you like to think about things? If so, that is  another sign that programming is for you. (Also, if you like puzzles, I recommend trying out pentominoes. They’re fun little toys.)

3. Do you have a creative side?

Most of programming is math and logical thinking. But there is a little bit of creativeness involved. You have to think of some cool ideas if you’re making a game (or any other program). If you have played Mario before, you have probably seen “goomas” and “koopa-troopas”. Now that, is creative. I mean really, little brown guys that walk around and have fangs but look cute? Who couldn’t like those?

4. Do you like playing games and/or using the computer?

If you are going to make a game, you had better like playing games. I mean really, if you don’t like playing games, you’re going to have a hard time testing for glitches. 😛

If this sounds anything like you, you should look into programming. And really, that shouldn’t be too hard. You’re already in the right place!

Some Nice Scratch Video Tutorials

November 4, 2012

Just click here to go to a youtube playlist that has a bunch of good beginner tutorials. 🙂 I hope that helps! Also, you can expect some posts Thursday thru Sunday.

What are the tools you need?

November 4, 2012

You don’t need much to begin making games. There are many tools you can use to begin making games, but my favorite is Scratch. Scratch is a free drag-and-drop programming language that is really easy to use. I made my first game using it at age 9! Like all other tools mentioned on this site, it is free. You can download it here, or you can wait and find out more about it first. (Note: Scratch will soon be updated to Scratch 2.0. The new version of Scratch will be entirely online, or “in the cloud”. This means you won’t have to download anything. If the link doesn’t work, that is probably why.)

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